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Patricia Tracy          *          17 Jul 2011 00:52

I use to have a photo here. Would it still be available?

Answer :   Not here, I’m afraid. Maybe PhotoIsland.COM or something like that?

Cement Tile          *          28 Dec 2009 08:58
[ ]

You have captured wonderful expressions on these people's faces. Thank you for sharing your artistic photos.

Answer :   Thank you – glad you like it.

Alessandro          *          26 Jul 2007 16:50
[ ]

Dear Collegue,

I must like a photo from intro this site (Photo Island) on the album "Notes from Vladivostok".
I would like, a contact from author this photo, from introduction im my album cd record, and operation this copyrights.



Answer :   Hi, Alessandro
If I understood you correctly, you want to use some photos from my album «Notes from Vladivostok»?
I don’t mind …
Details by mail

Monica          *          09 Jun 2007 02:41
[ ]

I like your web site so much!! Congratulations!!
Keep looking at this world with your camera eye and sharing with others what you see!!
Greatings from Chile..almost at the end of the South America.

Answer :   Thanks, Monica. Glad you like it ...
I’ve newer been to Chile, maybe will … someday.
Thanks again … and good luck.

ELENA DE CALERO          *          21 May 2007 09:36


Answer :   Unfortunately, I don't know Spanish… I translated your message using WEB-translator and hope I understand you correctly :)))
I’m sure Ecuador is beautiful country, but I have newer been there. And there are only my photos on this site (except for historical articles – Russian only). So if I go there I'll try to make some photos and put them here. Thank you.

anonymous          *          11 May 2007 05:05

...wat happened to the old site???...(the image hosting site)..??

Answer :   I don’t know about any image hosting site … Maybe it was or something?
Anyway, is up here about 20 months.

nicola          *          20 Mar 2007 23:43
[ ]

Really compliment for your website,greetings from Quarrata city,Italy,a town not so far form Florence!

Answer :   Thanks, Nicola ... & Quarrata :)))

Dave          *          06 Jan 2007 15:16

nice photos. black and white is beautiful!

Answer :   Thanks, Dave

Anna          *          19 Oct 2006 09:51


Thanks a lot for your works. It is realy marvelously...
Waiting some more


Answer :   Thanks a lot, Anna
Glad you like it.

mvs          *          27 Apr 2006 05:30
[ ]

nice to see street photography is alive and well in Russia (I found it hard to shoot street in Poland). You got many jewels, wish you many more.
cheers, Maria

Answer :   Thank you, Maria
I’ve never been in Poland – hope I will someday :)
Good luck

Allon Kira          *          27 Mar 2006 10:45
[ ]

Hi Andrey,
wonderful images in these galleris!
you have the right eye for street photography, I think that your gallery:
"Moscow: color & black and white" is simply amazing!

Rgds, allon.

Answer :   Hi, Allon
Thanks. I wasnt sure about putting together color and BW photos. Glad you like it

Saeed Al Shamsi          *          24 Mar 2006 19:24
[ ]

Very fine work,combine subjects of B&W,and colours

Answer :   Thanks Saeed.
And come again

Vipin          *          17 Mar 2006 14:37
[ ]

Hi Andrey, thankyou verymuch for visiting my small gallery , and giving me a chance to see your wonderful work,you have so many excellent shots in here, a nice website with well captured and well presented images, wonderful work, thanks for sharing.
kind regards.

Answer :   Hi Vipin.
Your gallery is not small and your «pad__monochromatic» is just great.
Thank you very much and good luck.

helen          *          02 Mar 2006 14:10
[ ]

well done

Answer :   Thank you

Gabriele Lopez - Italy          *          26 Feb 2006 18:46
[ ]

Hi, you have many jewels in the street sections, I like expecially your albums section...coming to Russia is one of the plans I have as soon as's a fascinating country.

Answer :   Thank you.
I like the albums section more than others too. But making albums is more difficult than single photos.
Thanks again and welcome… to Russia and my site :)


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